Saturday, October 15, 2011


I've been quilting here and there for about 4 years.  My grandmother has quilted off and on for years but about 6 years ago she became really interested in quilting again.  She was making quilts for each grandchild and asked me what I wanted for my quilt.  I told her I wanted to pick out the pattern and the fabric and help her sew it.  That's when I got hooked.  I chose a tumbling blocks pattern and went online and ordered all kinds of fabrics for our creation.  We've finished the top but I am determined to quilt it myself and have yet to make up my mind about how I will do that.  Here's a picture of a section of the quilt.

The picture in the background of this blog is a picture of the first quilt I completed.  I made it from old clothes.  As it happens many of the clothes I used were old boxers.  So my family calls it the "Underwear Quilt."  I made up the pattern myself then pieced and quilted it on an old Bernina Record 830 that belonged to my mom.  I really enjoyed the process and am pretty proud of the outcome!

Hopefully I can share some useful and entertaining information as I blog about my evolution as a quilter.  Thanks for checking it out!  - Andrew


  1. Loving the boxer quilt too! Would love to see more pics of it, the colours look great.

  2. The underwear quilt is adorable. Would love to see more of it too!