Friday, October 21, 2011

Wild Geese Chase!

So I was happily clicking through pictures from one blog to another, when I happened upon a flickr account by Lee from a blog called  Freshly Pieced.  She has such wonderful blocks in very modern color combinations.  I love these blocks that she has posted.  Anyway, one of the pictures is of a block called Circle of Geese.  (check it out here.)  So I google "Circle of Geese quilt block" looking for directions for making this block.  And I get a link to with a pattern for Circle of Geese.  I realized that this is a paper pieced block.  Well I've never done paper piecing before.  So back to google I go.  This time I search "paper piecing tutorial" and a number of youtube links come up.  I looked through several until I came upon a tutorial that I thought would work for me.  I liked this tutorial because she spent a lot less time measuring and cutting and did it all a little more improvised.

Well here is my first attempt...

Now you might say to yourself, "that looks like a pretty good block!"  Until you realize that the lack of squareness of the block is not a trick of the camera angle, but an effect of my "improvised paper piecing."  Especially when you see this:
This is the point (or lack of point) of one of the interior triangles.  I was not pleased when I noticed this.

Anyway, all in all I suppose it isn't a terrible first try.  But I think I will do a little more measuring and cutting next time and less improvising!   Wish me luck!


  1. OMG, this is so cool! I have been wanting to do something with geese. This just may be it. I will put it in my ideas list!

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