Saturday, January 14, 2012

I got pinned!!

I know it's silly.  But I was so pleased when I realized that someone had pinned my quilt in Pinterest!  If you aren't familiar with, it is a social website where you can "pin" pictures of things you like and share them with other people with similar interests.  I just recently learned that I can look at the stats for my blog and see from which sites people are being referred.  I noticed that some were coming from Pinterest and when I followed it back, there I was on someone's "Quilt Inspiration" board.  It made my day and I just had to crow about it! -Andrew


  1. that is so cool, congrats on the pin!

  2. this IS very cool. Maybe something of mine will get pinned one day too! haha*I'm jealous*

  3. It is a wonderful quilt to crow about :)