Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Red and White Quilt

Here is my finished red and white quilt!  This is the quilt I made from my Block Lotto winnings in March.  I copied the layout from a post by another lotto member, Prayerful Threads.

I'm really pleased with how my black and white binding turned out.

A word of warning to anyone who won the red and white D4P blocks and hasn't yet washed them... they bleed!  I know Sophie has warned us before to at least throw a color catcher in the wash with the quilt the first time you wash it, but did I listen?  NOOOOOO!  I didn't listen.  Am I sorry?  YESSSS!  I did some reading online and found this blog entry: Stop the Bleed!  Here I discovered that Dawn Ultra Dish Washing Liquid does a pretty good job of trapping dye.  So I applied Dawn directly to the spots that bled and washed the quilt multiple times.  (Just be sure you don't use more than about 3 tablespoons in a load or you'll have a lot of suds.)  I did eventually get most of the red out.

Now that it is finished I'm going to give it to my partner's mom for Christmas.  Luckily we weren't doing Christmas with his family until next week, or I wouldn't have had the binding finished in time.  Hope she likes it!   -Andrew

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  1. Beautiful! The binding looks great. Thanks for the tip of Dawn taking the red out. I almost always use color catchers (like 8 of them) in the first couple of washes, but sooner or later I'm going to forget. Great job, Andrew.